Senator Doug Ericksen on the Issues Important to Whatcom County

Sen. Ericksen has a proven record on standing up for Whatcom County on the issues that people care about—controlling taxes, creating jobs, funding education, protecting our farmers, smart environmentalism and protecting our quality of life.


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Protecting Jobs at Cherry Point and in Whatcom County

Standing Up for Agriculture in Whatcom County

Controlling and Reducing Taxes in Washington

Funding and Reforming Education

Smart Environmentalism that Protects our Quality of Life


Protecting Jobs at Cherry Point and in Whatcom County

“Our great paying jobs at Cherry Point and manufacturing jobs throughout Whatcom County are under attack every day by higher taxes, increased regulations, international competition, and government rules.   I work every day to protect and expand job opportunities here at home.”  Sen. Doug Ericksen

A message from Barry Hullet, former Alcoa Intalco Works Plant Manager:

“Doug, I sincerely thank you for all you have done. You did more for Intalco than any other legislator. You are one of the reasons the plant is still operating.”  Barry Hullet
Plant Manager (retired)
Alcoa, INTALCO Works 

Standing Up for Agriculture in Whatcom County

“Agriculture is vital to our quality of life in Whatcom County.  It is our biggest industry, our biggest employer, and it is also what makes our area so special.  If we lose agriculture in Whatcom County we will become just another place.”  Sen. Doug Ericksen


“Senator Ericksen was named Farm Bureau Legislator of the year.  That is a big deal.  Doug has been working hard for the agriculture community here in Whatcom County and around the state.  Now it is time for us to stand up and support Doug with our votes.”

Debbie Vanderveen—Whatcom County Dairy and Crop Farmer


Senator Ericksen was born and raised in Whatcom County.  He understands the importance of agriculture to our economy.  He knows that farming is a business and a way of life.  If the business end does not add up, we lose the way of life.  That is why Senator Ericksen works with farmers on taxes, rules, regulations, and trade policies that impact the bottom line.  Farming is a tough business that is under attack from many who live in big cities and do not understand the milk comes from a cow, not a carton.  

Controlling and Reducing Taxes in Washington

“Every tax increase takes money away from working families in Washington.  We need tax relief, not tax increases.”    Sen. Doug Ericksen


For the past 6 years, Governor Jay Inslee has proposed massive new job-killing energy taxes.  Some people call it a carbon tax, some try to call it a fee on carbon pollution.  It is really a huge new tax increase on the energy we use to create jobs, power our economy, drive our kids to school, and heat/cool our homes.

While they try to claim this tax increase only targets big corporations, it really hits middle class and low-income households the hardest by raising the cost gas 40 cents in just a few years and heating bills by up to 25%.

For the past 6 years, we have been able to defeat this tax increase.  With your support and your votes, we will continue to defeat this massive tax increase.


Sen. Ericksen introduced legislation to return $1 billion in property taxes back to the people in 2018 (SB 6439).

The legislature passed an education package that raises state property taxes and lowers local property taxes, resulting in lower property taxes for Whatcom County.   The state increase went into place in 2018 and the reduction of local taxes goes into effect in 2019.

Sen. Ericksen’s legislation would have reduced local taxes at the same time state taxes were increased, resulting in immediate property tax relief. But Democrats like Pinky Vargas blocked the measure and forced a delay of one year.

Some in Olympia are now working to stop the reduction of your local property taxes.  Sen. Ericksen will make sure your property tax reduction in 2019 happens as promised. 


Sen. Ericksen supports requiring a 2/3’s vote of the legislature to raise taxes. 

The people of Washington have voted several times by large majorities for the 2/3’s rule only to have activists on the Supreme Court take this basic taxpayer protection away. 

The 2/3’s requirement forces legislators to work together and makes raising taxes a last resort and not the first option.



Sen. Ericksen supports reform to our tax code that will make the system fairer and flatter. Taxes should be low and spread evenly across the entire system.   With the right make up of legislators in Olympia we can move to a fairer and flatter system—without having an income tax.

Funding and Reforming Education

Funding for education is the top priority for the State of Washington. Under the leadership of Sen. Ericksen, we are now fully funding education, reducing college tuition and working to give parents more control on where and how their children are educated. 


For many years in Olympia under Democrat control, education seemed to be an afterthought in the state budget.  Education was receiving about 25% of all budget growth.

When Republicans took over control of the Senate, Sen. Ericksen made education funding the number one priority and dedicated 75% of all government growth to our schools.  Sen. Ericksen is committed to making education the top priority of budget growth in the future.


College tuition spiked in Washington under Democrat control of the legislature.  When Republicans took over the budget-writing process in the Senate, Sen. Ericksen fought for and won a 20% reduction in college tuition.

“The best financial aid is low tuition.   The 20% reduction in tuition was a real relief for those attending our colleges.”  Sen. Doug Ericksen 


Sen. Ericksen is committed to growing and expanding career and technical education in Washington.  Not every student wants or needs a 4-year college degree. 

We need to work with students and parents to provide more high-quality pathways for career and technical education.   

Sen. Ericksen will keep fighting for more choices and more options in education.



Simply spending more on education is not the answer to improving education.  We also do not need centralized control of education out of Olympia.

Sen. Ericksen is committed to reforming education to give parents more choice on where and how their kids are educated.  When parents are allowed to vote with their feet, schools will reform to meet the needs of the communities they serve.

Our school educators are professionals and need to be treated as the professionals they are.  Value-added educational opportunities start in the classroom, not in a government office in Olympia.  Schools should be held accountable, school boards should be given the power to run their districts, principals need the power to run their schools, and educators need the freedom and resources to do their job.


Smart Environmentalism that Protects our Quality of Life

“Whatcom County is proving that we can use smart environmental programs to protect our quality of life while protecting our great manufacturing and agricultural jobs.”    Sen. Doug Ericksen

Senator Ericksen has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Policy from Western Washington University and served for 5 years as the Chair of the Senate Energy, Environment and Telecommunications Committee.  Sen. Ericksen has been a strong leader to clean up toxic sites in Bellingham Bay and in Blaine faster and better.

Sen. Ericksen created the Environmental Legacy and Stewardship Account to make sure the funds dedicated to the environment are spent to protect and clean up our environment.